A very warm welcome to Kidzy.

At Kidzy, it is our topmost priority to provide a vibrant, creative and secure learning environment for our children. As the founder of Kidzy,  it is my responsibility and commitment to ensure that my team and I work together to enhance the individual development of your child.

Coming from many years of experience in childcare, I fully understand the responsibility you have entrusted on me.

As parents you seek a clean, safe, secure and stimulating environment and that is what we offer.

For your children, this is an exciting phase of their life…a time of new beginnings, new friends, new discoveries and new challenges…and we will strive to make sure we are there to stimulate and let them enjoy each and every moment of this experience.

At Kidzy, we have developed enhanced programs to give your young ones the best possible opportunity to experience a brilliant start to their education.

A very important aspect of creating excellent learning programs is based around the understanding that every child is different and special. It is our observation that a child performs best when he feels secure, motivated and loved. It is therefore essential that teachers and parents, who lend a strong support structure to children work as partners to ascertain that they derive the maximum benefits from our program in these crucial developmental years and reach their full potential. Our diverse and well-qualified staff will ensure that every child feels as much in a learning environment as at home.

It is our pleasure to welcome you and your little ones to the exciting world of Kidzy.

Warm regards,

The founder